“God will punish you Paul” – Lady breaks up with cheating boyfriend for attempting to surprise and test her faithfulness live on radio on Val’s Day

It ended in premium tears for Paul who decided to surprise and test the faithfulness of his girlfriend identified as Maame Esi on live radio on Valentine’s Day.

Paul as a loving boyfriend intended to show his affection for Esi by surprising her with a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.

He gave the gift and contact of his sweetheart to Citi FM to call and ask her to guess who was likely to send her a romantic gift for Val’s Day.

When she got the call, Esi quickly identified the voice of the radio show host who subsequently disclosed to her that Paul gave them a hamper to be presented to her as Val’s gift.

Esi upon hearing the name Paul got angry and started making some allegations against her boyfriend. According to her, Paul is a chronic cheat who has been cheating on her with other women and even on Val’s Day she caught him sending gifts to these women.

Esi told the host that she got a lot on her heart to spill out, unfortunately they are live on air and she wouldn’t want to disgrace herself and Paul.

Irate Maame Esi rained curses on Paul for trying to test her faithfulness after cheating on her with several woman.

“Go to hell and burn, I have nothing to do with you again. It’s over between us,” she said.

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