“Go back to your husband” says Cecilia Marfo as she snatches mic from Joyce Blessing during song ministration (Watch)

Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing and prophetess Cecilia Marfo amazed patrons during an Annual Thanksgiving Service organized by Unity Group of Companies at Kumasi on Friday, January 22, 2021.

During a song ministration by gospel musician Joyce Blessing on stage, Cecilia Marfo who was said filled by the holy spirit stormed the stage, grabbed the microphone from her and command her to go back to her husband.

According to prophetess Cecilia Marfo, God is using Joyce Blessing and has made her a Queen and the only task left for her is to go back to her marriage.

Celicia Marfo who was filled with the holy spirit said, “My daughter if you will listen to me go back and take your marriage. I called you with love and so you should know the life you have is not yours. I’ve made you a Queen so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already, lady go and take your husband, my spirit is using you.”


Her action has garnered a lot of reactions as people could not ascertain if it was a prophecy or just a piece of advice.

Gospel musician Joyce Blessing and her husband’s marriage breakdown became the subject of discussion some months ago.

News came out that their marriage broke down as a result of infidelity on both sides. It went rife that Joyce Blessing cheated on her husband with her gym instructor whose name we only know as Prince.

Dave Joy, the ex-husband of Joyce Blessing was also rumored to be having an affair with his wife’s publicist, who’s identified as Jullie Jay-Kanz.

Watch the video below;