“Giving your man money will make him lazy” – Counsellor boldly tells women

Ugandan marriage and relationship counselor, Zaituni Kakyama has advised women to stop giving money to their partners.

According to her, women should not support their partners financially even if they have the money because it will make them sluggish.

She added that God made women to have desire for more than they need particularly clothing and shoes, so that men are driven to work and not become lazy.

“Whether she gets more money than he does, he has to take care of his wife and family as a head,” she said, as quoted by tuko.co.ke.

Men, Kakyama suggested, should let women spend their money so that they may work harder for more.

She even went further to share her personal story, saying: “I don’t give my man money because when I do, that leads to his destruction when he gets into the comfort zone of being given.”

She also advised ladies to exercise moderation when in love with their spouse so that they are not too upset if the relationship fails.