Girlfriend kneels down and proposes

Girlfriend kneels down and proposes to her man after buying engagement ring with her own money.

A lady kneeling down and proposing to a man happens rarely but in the new video a lady has done it.

A woman took the risky step of proposing to her boyfriend right away after purchasing the ring from a jewelry store.

In a viral video, the lady can be seen getting down on her knees and asking for her man’s hand in marriage.

He stretched out his hands without hesitation, indicating that he accepts her proposal, so she placed the ring on his finger.

A man who was filming them could be heard cheering them on as he instructed them to kiss each other.Other customers applauded when they sealed their engagement with a kiss.

Have a look at the video below.

Also, an Ashawo caught having a good time with neighbour’s son in his room while the grandmother was away.

Fiona Murewa (24) is a tenant at the 15-year-old boy’s family home in Zimbabwe, according to a source close to the case.

The source went on to say that whenever the teenager’s grandmother was not at home, she would walk around in a revealing skimpy skirt, leaving nothing to the imagination in order to entice the minor to have s*x with her. The unwary minor fell into the trap.

The granny reported the incident to the police, which resulted in the arrest.

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