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Girl and boy in leaked s³x video, flogged at Wa Naa’s Palace forecourt

A girl and a boy who were seen in a leaked sex video shared on social media have been picked up by some residents and flogged publicly in Wa.

In a video fast trending on social media, the two were fastened to a pole and lashed by a man on the orders of traditional authorities.

It was revealed that the punishment is part of the by-laws of the area.

The incident happened at Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana.

In the viral video, the young lady and the man could be seen tied to a pole in front of the Wa Naa’s Palace as they receive the horsewhip.

Reports have it that the two lovers recorded themselves while making love. It is still unclear how the video got leaked.

It is unclear how the sex tape believed to have been recorded by both leaked to the public but the footages intercepted by MyNewsGh.com reveal two horny adults who engaged in serious romance before going into the main act.

The male character is seen having his manhood sucked for minutes before penetrating the lady without a condom as she is heard moaning and groaning with ecstasy.

After several bouts of their sexual escapades, both are captured lying side by side amidst some soothing music while fondling themselves in readiness for another bout.

Residents are questioning the rationale behind their public flogging but some who back the decision of local authorities to apply the ‘Sharia law’, believe it would serve as a deterrent to others.

Watch the video below;

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