Millionaire, Ginimbi, reportedly bought his own casket a week before his death (Photos)

Ginimbi’s housekeeper reveals details on ‘Juju’ & ‘secret rooms’ in his house that had been alleged by many.

After reading this post we would realize why many people sometimes fear to show of their own properties.

Ginimbi died after crashing himself to death in his Rolls Royce together with some girls on his way home from a birthday party some days ago.

Rumors have it that he allegedly bought a coffin which was to be used for his burial anytime he kicked the bucket.

In a new interview, his maid of 15 years, Ms. Fatuma Chikowore has debunked rumors that her former boss, Ginimbi, was involved with the underworld.

Checkout Photos of Alichia Adams, one of the ladies who died in the fatal crash

“I have known Ginimbi for 15 years, he was a good boss with a good heart always ready to step in. What social media is saying about rituals is utter nonsense, there is no sacred room in this house and whenever he was around he would spend most of his time home,”

“The community says it has lost its anchor. He was our umbrella and whenever we encountered problems he would assist, he brought development to our area”.she said.

Also,Dr Kwaku Oteng is not the father of Tracey Boakye’s daughter

Ginimbi was known for his lavish birthday parties held annually at any chosen destination in Southern Africa.

His last birthday bash in Harare reportedly cost US$50,000 (R900,000).

Watch the full interview below.

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