Gifty Anti allegedly maltreats husband: New details drop as they separated

Recent reports have suggested that popular media personality Gifty Anti and her husband, Nana Ansah Kwao IV, have reportedly separated due to marital issues.

According to the report, Gifty Anti allegedly ejected her husband from her residence when their marriage did not meet her expectations. The rumors regarding Gifty Anti’s separation from her husband were first published on an Instagram gossip blog, “thosecalledcelebs,” as they highlighted that she no longer displays her husband in public as she previously did.

Moreover, additional details have emerged following the initial reports, suggesting that Gifty Anti purportedly refused to let her husband into the house after he left, even going so far as to lock him out.

It is alleged that she made this decision as the house belonged to her. While their families are attempting to resolve the situation, the two individuals are residing apart since a resolution has yet to be reached.

It is worth noting that Gifty Anti is still utilizing her husband’s name as they have not officially divorced. Please refer to the provided post below for further information.

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