Ghanaians will not tolerate any form of rigging on December 7 – Kwesi Pratt warns

Veteran journalist and Managing Editor of Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior has sent a strong warning that the results of the upcoming general elections should reflect the will of the electorates.

According to him, any form of rigging that will make the outcome of the elections not reflect the choice of the people will be tolerated as far as multilparty democracy is concern.

Speaking on Accra-based Pan African Television, he said “the votes of the people of Ghana must count in this election, this election the results must reflect the sovereign will of the people in this country, this election must show that we are maturing and that one of the reasons why we fought for our independence is so that the people of Ghana can choose their leaders and that must be meaningful.”

The veteran journalist sent a caution to bodies that conspiring to rig the forthcoming elections that it will be allowed in the country for Ghanaians will reject it vehemently.

“Nobody will be allowed to rig the election and anybody who tries to rig this election will do so at their own peril, it will be an enormous risk. No force on earth can defeat organised and determined people. No military, no armed forces can defeat a determined and organized people.”