Ghanaian Taxi driver in New York beaten to de@th after chasing 5 passengers for refusing to pay their fare

A Ghanaian taxi driver in New York, Kutin Gyimah has met his untimely demise after he was assaulted by some passengers he picked up who refused to pay their fare.

According to reports, Gyimah d!ed after one of the passengers hit, fell down and hit his head on a sharp object.

He lost consciousness and was later found by passerby.

Emergency first responders rushed him to the nearby St John’s Hospital but he later died.

According to reports, the sad incident occurred Saturday, August 13th 2022.

Gyimah picked up five passengers on the fateful day of his demise, three males and two females, to Far Rockaway.

At Beach 54th Street and Arverne Boulevard, the five reportedly refused to pay their fare, and then tried to rob the Ghanaian as well.

He got out of his car and chased them, but one of them reportedly struck him hard.

Gyimah died from the blow after hitting his head and losing consciousness.

CBS2 spoke to neighbours of the deceased Ghanaian man.

“Why do you have to attack somebody for no reason? How much really is that money? You took somebody’s life. Come on,” family friend Joe Tompo said.


The 52-year-old leaves behind a wife and four children, with the eldest being only 8 years old.

“The way he deals with all his children, he’s very patient with them and loving. Loving and caring gentleman. Hardworking, hardworking. Takes care of the family. Yeah, we’ve really lost a dedicated father and also a very dedicated Christian,” said Rev. Dr. Samuel Arhin, of Ghana United Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Gyimah’s employers, the Big Apple Taxi Fleet Management, are covering his funeral expenses.

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers is also offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of any of the five suspects.