Ghanaian man in UK arrested for trying to date a 14-year-old girl [WATCH]

A Ghanaian man studying a degree program in the United Kingdom is currently in hot waters for allegedly dating a 14-year-old girl.

A video sighted online sees the mother of the little girl interrogating the young man who intended to meet the girl in their house.

According to the woman, the young Ghanaian man believed to be in his late twenties has been chatting with her little girl on the internet for the past few months as friends. He subsequently planned to meet her but got caught when he arrived at their house.

She accused him of rape but according to the man, he has no intention of raping or dating the minor. The young man who looked confused tried to explain to the woman that he has no plans to sleep with the little girl.

In the course of interrogation, the man reiterated that he only came to meet the girl with no bad intention as the mother claims.

Watch the video below;