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Ghanaian lady accuses Ajagurajah of r@pe & scam [WATCH]

A Ghanaian lady who lives in Germany has dropped wild allegations against Bishop Kwabena Asiamah aka Ajagurajah.

The lady speaking in an interview with Nana Tornado alleged that the spiritualist r@ped her and scammed her for Gh¢8,000.

The lady identified as Gladys disclosed that she visited the camp of Ajagurajah to seek solution to her medical problems.

According to her, she travelled from Germany to Ghana and Ajagurajah told her to sacrifice a cow before he could help her and she had Gh¢8,000.

Later Ajaguraga expressed interest in her and before she knew it, she had already slept with her twice after giving her leftover yoghurt to eat.

According to the lady, Ajaguraja could not help her although he gave her some concoction to bathe, and he kept demanding money from her when she travelled back to Germany.



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