Ghana sacrificed 8 mad people to win 2009 U-20 world cup

Renowned Ghanaian Blackstars drummer and ‘jama’ leader, Joseph Langabell has shockingly revealed how the Black Satellites of Ghana won the 2009 Under-29 world cup.

Speaking on television during a sports discussion, Joseph Langabell emphatically stated that black magic played a crucial role in the success of the formidable Under-20 team which was then captained by Dede Ayew.

Langabel disclosed that they were told they could only win if they sacrificed seven madmen and one madwoman.

He also stated that, despite the fact that it was a herculean task, the process was completed with the assistance of a man known as Zakoko.

With money and bread, they were able to get six madmen and a madwoman who helped them complete the sacrifice process.


On October 16, 2009 Ghana defeated Brazil on penalties to win the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and Ghana made history by becoming the first African country to win the championship which started in 1985.

Watch the video below;