Ghana Police ranked the most corrupt institution in Ghana

The Ghana Police Service has been ranked the most corrupt institution in Ghana.

According to Ghana Integrity of Public Services Survey (GIPSS), Ghana lost approximately GHS5 billion in cash in 2021 due to payment of bribes to public officials.

The first national survey, titled “Corruption in Ghana – People’s Experiences and Views,” also revealed that over 17.4 million bribes were paid during the same time period.

It gathered evidence-based information on the types of corruption affecting Ghana’s population from 15,000 households across the country, involving people aged 18 and up.

Aside from cash payments, which accounted for 84.8 per cent of all bribes paid, 13.3 per cent were food and drinks; 9.7 per cent were exchanged for other services; 5% were valuables, and 2.2 per cent were animals.

Bribes were paid by 33.6% of citizens to expedite procedures; 15.8% as a token of appreciation; 13.8% to avoid paying a fine; 10.8% to avoid problems; and 3.1% to avoid the cancellation of public utilities.

According to the survey results, the Ghana Police Service is the most bribed institution.

Other most bribed institutions as featured in the survey are:

Ghana Immigration Service

Ghana Revenue Authority – Customs Officers

Lands Commission

Driver and Licensing Authority (GRA)

Passport Agency officers




Elected government officials