Ghana is safe; go to other countries and see what’s happening there — Interior Minister

Ghana’s Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery has denied claims made by the Minority Caucus in Parliament that the ruling government has lost the fight against crimes in the country.

Following the recent shooting and robbery cases, a lot of Ghanaians believe the country is not safe but according to Mr. Ambrose Dery, the fact the security agencies have recorded numerous crime cases recently doesn’t mean the country is unsecured.

“What we should know is that the criminals continue to change the modules and we have to be changing with them and the police is doing all it can. We have not lost control. I always want to emphasize that, we need to go to neighboring countries to see what is happening there, but we are not in the same league with them.”

“We want to do better than we are doing now, but believe me, Ghana is safe; that is why all the other countries are running to Ghana,” he said while answering questions about insecurity in Ghana.