Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Somalia has written to African Union (AU) announcing their rejection of Ghana’s former President John Drama Mahama as its High Representative to Somalia.

Mr. Mahama was appointed by AU as it’s High Representative to Somalia to try and resolve the dire political crisis in the country.

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According to AU, Mahama will ensure there is “a mutually acceptable compromise towards an all-encompassing resolution for the holding of Somali elections in the shortest possible time.”

Tension in Somalia has heightened in recent weeks, following a resolution to extend the term of incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed by two years.

However, the Federal Republic of Somalia is of the view, given the present consensus on the election, the window of opportunity for Mr. Mahama to support Somalia is no longer viable.

In their statement to AU, Somalia stated Mahama’s records in Kenya as main reason.

Read the full statement below;

FULL DETAILS: Somalia rejects John Mahama as AU envoy

FULL DETAILS: Somalia rejects John Mahama as AU envoy

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