From Umuofia to Yɛmpɛ Nokware: How Nigel Gaisie predicted winner of NPP Presidential primaries 

The Prophecy Communication Compliance Day set by the Ghana Police Service changed the phase of 31st December Watch Night prophecies across the country as the directive was meant to sanitise the annual ritual from causing fear and panic.

In order not to mince words with his ‘message from God’, Prophet Nigel Gaisie metaphorically referred to Ghana as Umuofia, to avoid being implicated of doom prophecies, should any of his own qualified for the crime during his revelations about the year 2022.

On the eve of 2023 however, Umuofia became ‘Nation of Yɛmpɛ Nokwarɛ’, prophesying about a political party in that nation.

During his service on Saturday, December 31, 2022 he said ” The Lord took my spirit into the camp of the NPP and when the Lord took my spirit to the camp of the NPP, there is going to be a competition that must be in November or August but somebody’s parochial interest wants to push it to August.

“The Lord said, to the NPP, they should help themselves and push it as democratic as they are, they should not allow any individual’s interest to bring anybody on the House because on this horse they cannot move. The Lord says I should tell the NPP that their internal contest I am seeing and anti-Christ come push it to a runoff.

“The person that must win name starts with A but if they don’t take care they will manipulate it and what is not for who it must be, it will go to who it isn’t for.

“If they come to attack me, sponsor people to insult me I don’t care, it will come to pass.”


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