215 Police recruits have recover from COVID-19 – Maame Tiwaa

Former CID Boss says price of forms to enlist into security services very cheap during an interview on Class91.3FM’s Class Morning Show.

He explained that the police needed money to rub the recruitment process since the cost had not been paid for by the government.
He was heard saying;

“These large numbers that have applied for the police cannot all be handled in Accra here, so I’m sure wherever you are, the region from which you applied, you’ll have to attend body selection and officers are going there to do body selection and to screen and vet them and I’m sure it is part of this charge that they are going to use.”

“I don t know whether they [police] are not being given some subventions or they are not being given money to run some of these things because all these things should come from central government and I don’t know if they have not been given money, so, if they have not been given money for this kind of recruitment process then of course they need to fund, they need to find means of doing this themselves and so part of this money I’m sure is going to be used to cater for the officers or the police teams that will go round the country to do the screening, or vetting or recruitment…”