Former lawmaker for Ashaiman constituency, Alfred Agbesi has responded to ritual k!lling allegations leveled against him by one taxi driver.

According to the former legislator, the claims that he facilitated the k!lling of a pregnant woman for rituals are false.


His response comes after a taxi driver confessed in an interview with Captain Smart on Onua TV that he murdered and buried a pregnant woman for the former MP for Ashaiman.

But according to Mr. Agbesi, the claims made by the taxi driver against him are not true.

He noted “that it is very strange that he k!lled for me to win an election, that is ridiculous. It can never be true. I’ve never heard it, I’ve never dreamt of such a thing. I don’t even know the personality involved in this matter.

“How could that have been possible if he was doing something for us, to me, to the party or what? I can’t explain it. Simple and short it’s not true.”

Mr Agbesi said: “I don’t even know the person. Those people who we work with at Ashaiman in terms of politics and election are many. Those that we send to do campaign, to do ABC for us, I know them. But this person, I don’t know anything about him.”

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service has arrested the taxi and remanded him for further investigation.

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