For the spiritual well-being of the children, change their surnames — Counselor Lutterodt advises Odartey Lamptey

Ghanaian marriage counselor, George Lutterodt has sent a piece of advice to former footballer Nii Odartey Lamptey after a DNA test confirmed that three children he raised with his ex-wife for 21 years were not his biological children.

The marriage between Odartey Lamptey and his ex-wife hit the rocks after it was revealed that he is not the biological father of their children.

Recounting the harrowing experience that put paid to his 21-year marriage to his now ex-wife Gloria Lamptey, the former Aston Villa starlet said he had to come up with a ruse to obtain a DNA sample from the three children.

“I thought I was the father but upon rumors that they are not my kids, they said I have to do DNA.”

He added, “My lawyer showed me where they do the DNA, I got to know that yes, the kids are not mine”.

He revealed that before performing the DNA tests, he visited a medical facility and informed them about his concerns without the knowledge of his ex-wife.

“I know, It was a difficult situation, I was very close with the children and for me to be able to do this, I told them I have an infection in my throat and upon doctor’s advise, I should be able to cure theirs now otherwise when they grow, they will have problems…”.

He said he visited the school of the three girls with a doctor who collected the samples.

The former Anderlecht man stated that the test for himself and the three children cost him over GHS 4,000.

Well, self-, acclaimed counselor George Lutterodt has advised Odartey to take off his name from the children since he’s not the biological father. For the sake of the spiritual well-being of the kids, he urged the former national youth star to change the surnames of the children as soon as possible.

Listen to him below for more details;