Footballer’s girlfriend picked up stone to seek revenge for boyfriend after he was injured on the pitch

A lovely girlfriend of a Kenyan footballer couldn’t hold her temper when her boyfriend was injured during a football match.

The woman, identified as Winnie Nyar Kasagam lost her cool and picked up a large stone to revenge after her lover was injured by invaded fans in the Kenyan Premier League.

According to the woman, her boyfriend supports her financially and is the bread-winner in their relationship.

She couldn’t stand and watch her boyfriend when fans who invaded the pitch injured him.


In other news, a young beautiful lady has shockingly revealed her plans to terminate her 5-month pregnancy after gaining her desired weight.

In a video sighted online, the heavy pregnant lady could be seen dancing and flaunting her protruding belly.

A text on the video read: “ Can’t wait for my pregnancy to reach 5 months so I can remove if”.

Not long ago, a health worker took to social media to reveal that some ladies deliberately get pregnant to gain weight for their birthday photoshoots and afterwards, abort the pregnancy.

Watch the video below;