Foolish girl – Criss Waddle “jabs” popular TV presenter

AMG record label boss and Musician, Criss Waddle, has found himself at the center of controversy after a recent discussion on SUN UP TV involving TV presenter, Natalia Andoh.

During the program, the topic of Chriss Waddle’s career came up, and Natalia asked: “But is Chriss Waddle a rapper?” She went on to explain that she was asking innocently because she wasn’t sure, noting that the last time she heard him do anything was when he had a song with Stonebwoy.

In response to Natalia’s query, Chriss Waddle took issue and vented his annoyance on Twitter. In a series of tweets, he called Natalia a “foolish girl” and threatened to be “rough and smooth” with her. He also retweeted an old post by Natalia, stating that she was not an important personality in normal life or in the industry and should learn to respect those who have aletse.

One fan who saw Chriss Waddle’s tweets pleaded with him to calm down and not respond to a mere presenter like Natalia. But the rapper defended his actions, arguing that people often try to downplay his name, and he would not tolerate any disrespect.

It is important to note that while everyone has the right to express their opinions, it is crucial to do so respectfully and avoid name-calling or threatening behavior. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for mutual respect in the entertainment industry.