#FixTheCountry protestors are jokers – Bishop J.Y Adu

#FixTheCountry protestors are jokers

#FixTheCountry protestors are jokers , Bishop J.Y Adu has said.

Bishop J Y Adu  is the founder and leader of the New Jerusalem Chapel at Kumasi Sokoban Ampayoo in the Ashanti Region.

The man of God said these protestors did not consider the hardships and challenges brought by Covid but were quick to make complaints as if Ghana was in normal times.

He said;

“Anyone who is talking about it (“#FixTheCountry”) is joking…they are also not thinking about the situation at hand. People are not thinking about the reality but rather all they say is fix it, fix it. What should government fix? What is necessary for the government to fix that is making you form a pressure group for fix the country campaign”

Young people, who make up most of the African population, have long discovered social media to vent their frustrations and to put some pressure on governments.

Only about 10% of university students or graduates find jobs one year after completing school, studies show