First video showing moment before Bogoso gas explosion drops

Video shows moment before Bogoso gas explosion

First video showing moment before the Bogoso gas explosion that left many people dead.

Ghana had very terrible news yesterday. reported yesterday about the gas explosion in a town around Bogoso.

Information gathered by has it that several people at Bogoso-Apiate in the Western Region have lost their lives after a huge gas explosion on Thursday, January 20, 2022.

According to a statement released by the Ghana Police Service, the explosion occurred after a mining explosive vehicle moving from Tarkwa to Chirano mines collided with a motorcycle.

The explosion led to the destruction of some parts of the town and resulted in injuries and death of some residents.

As at 17:00 hours of Thursday, a total of seventeen (17) people have, sadly, been confirmed dead, and fifty-nine (59) injured persons had been rescued, bringing to seventy-six (76) the number of persons known, so far, to have been affected by the tragedy.

Well, a very sad video has emerged which shows the scene before the vehicle exploded which killed a huge number of people.

In the video, some innocent people could be seen walking the damaged vehicle which had flames in it and suddenly a very loud BOOOM was heard which had people running helter-skelter for their lives.

Have a look at the video below