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First patients injected in UK vaccine trial by doctors.

Two volunteers were the first to be injected.

There are currently more than 800 people recruited for the study.

The vaccine was developed by a team at Oxford University.Oxford University To Starting Testing Coronavirus Vaccine On Humans Next Week(Opens in a new browser tab)

The team was led by Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at the Jenner Institute.

Elisa Granato, one of the two first patients injected in UK vaccine trial, told the BBC: “I’m a scientist, so I wanted to try to support the scientific process wherever I can.”

Prof Gilbert previously said she was very optimistic and “80% confident” the vaccine would work.

“Personally I have a high degree of confidence in this vaccine,” she said.

“Of course, we have to test it and get data from humans. We have to demonstrate it actually works and stops people from getting infected with coronavirus before using the vaccine in the wider population.”