First Atlantic Bank allegedly sacks Mr. Nimako after side chic sued him

Information gathered has it that First Atlantic Bank has sacked their Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mr. Ernest Kwasi Nimako the man behind viral side chic lawsuit.

As we reported, Mr. Nimako’s side chic Deborah Seyram took him to court after their relationship turned sour.

Deborah wants promises Nimako made – giving her a car, paying her rent, giving her capital for business and a monthly Gh 3,000 stipend – to be enforced by the court.

The case has turned the Deacon’s life upside down and opened him up to ridicule.

Reacting to that, Deacon Nimako noted that he took back his car because he bought it with his own money and registered it in his name.

He explained he gave out the car to her as a means of transport to work since she was a hard-working service personnel and was staying far from the workplace.

He also disclosed that he found out Deborah Seyram is a hookup girl and as a deacon, he cannot offer his car for hookup jobs.

Well, reports circulating on social media have it that Mr. Nimako has allegedly been sacked by management of First Atlantic Bank.