Finally out: steps to own Gūns in Ghana announced

The Ghana Police Service has emphasized the importance of acquiring firearms legally, stating that it promotes public safety, accountability, training, and respect for the law.

The Arms and Ammunition Regulation 1962 (L.I.200) regulates the acquisition and possession of civilian firearms in the country. While civilians are allowed to possess firearms, the acquisition process is tightly regulated to prevent the proliferation of illicit firearms, accidental shooting, and misuse of arms.

To legally acquire a firearm in Ghana, individuals must follow a rigorous process, including undergoing background checks to obtain a permit and license from the Ghana Police Service. Failure to acquire a firearm legally can result in legal consequences, such as imprisonment for a term not less than 5 years or a fine of GHc12,000.00.

The process of acquiring a shotgun or handgun in Ghana involves several steps, such as completing an application form from the Ghana Police Service (Firearm Licensing Office), mandatory forensic and background vetting, obtaining an import license, and paying the import duty for the firearm.

It is crucial to purchase a firearm from a licensed arms and ammunition dealer with a permit from either the Ghana Police Service or the Minister for the Interior. Firearms should be stored in a locked safe or cabinet, separate from ammunition, and kept out of reach of children and unauthorized individuals. It is also essential to ensure that any transfer of firearms is done legally and in accordance with the law.