FIFA speaks on Ronaldo’s penalty against Ghana

The opening game between Portugal and Ghana at the 2022 Qatar World Cup made headlines after Cristiano Ronaldo scored a controversial penalty.

A lot of football lovers accused the referee who officiated the match of cheating the Ghana Blacks. Many also believe that it was a fair play.

According to FIFA’s expert World Cup analyst, Ronaldo performed a stroke of “genius” to win the penalty for Portugal.

Replays showed that Ronaldo definitely got to the ball first ahead of Salisu before there was contact on the Portugal striker’s boot and upper body.

Ghana coach, Otto Addo, claimed it was a “special gift” for Portugal after the match.

FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) held a media briefing in Doha, in which they claimed this year’s World Cup is on track for a record number of awarded penalties.

“Maybe the strikers are getting smarter?

“If you look at the penalty that Ronaldo got, people can say what they want about this man, but the smartness and the ingenious thought to just be patient and wait for that split second to touch the ball first before you, and continue my leg so that your contact will hit my leg, that is total genius,” former Colombia goalkeeper and TSG panel member, Faryd Mondragon, said.

A total of nine penalties have been awarded in the first 16 games.

At this rate, the World Cup is on track for a record 36 in the entire 64-game tournament.


  1. But this is inaccurate. All later analysis shoes Salisu reached the ball first. At which state do you claim Ronaldo’s foot got in front?
    Cheating is not genius. It’s cheating.

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