Fetish Priests, Priestess disown Agradaa; insist she has never been one of them

Fetish Priests and Priestess in Ghana have disowned their former colleague Evangelist Patricia Asiedua aka Nana Agradaa.

Spokesperson and leader of the group, Nana Kwaku Bonsam disclosed that the beleaguered Mama Pat was never a fetish priest and can never be one of them.


“You see that woman called Agradaa, she claimed she was a fetish priestess but was never one of us”, Nana Kwaku Bosam told Ike de Unpredictable in an interview on Angel FM.



Nana Kwaku Bosam in his interview on Angel FM observed that by ‘fruits you shall know them” arguing that Nana Agradaa’s ways of doing things were not in line with the practices of traditionalists.


He also claimed that, there was not a single day he saw Agradaa in a function or gathering involving fetish priests anywhere in Ghana.

“When we come to Manhyia Palace to perform rituals, we see a lot of fetish priests and we know people who are priests. She was never one, her ways are different. Agradaa is not someone who the gods worked through, she had her own way of doing her work. She is my sister and I love her, I don’t hate her”, Kwaku Bosam.

Evangelist Mama Pat over the past few months has been in the news for various negative reasons after she converted to Christianity and founded a church.

She is currently before court for allegedly defrauding some members of the church under the guise of doubling money for them.

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