FDA warns public over illegal importation of Covid-19 vaccine

Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana has sent a strong warning to importers against the procuring and shipping of COVID-19 vaccines into the country.

The FDA who says such individuals will be made to face the law explained that the vaccines can only be imported into the country by the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service.

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The Head of Communications and Public Education at the FDA, Rhoda Appiah said they will ensure strict adherence to the law to protect the interest of the public.

“The sale and advertisement of the vaccines online is totally unacceptable and strictly prohibited. We expect people to rather do what is expected of them by going according to the rules that will be set out. The deployment of the vaccine and the importation of it is largely the duty of the Ghana Health Service and also the Ministry of Health.

More importantly, freight forwarders and importers must know that it is an offense to be found clearing such goods. The FDA has a presence at all the ports, so they need to be on the side of caution because they will be arrested and prosecuted”, she said in an interview with Citi news.

Recently, the FDA asked the public not to patronize products offered online supposedly being advertised as COVID-19 vaccines.

It followed reports of the seizure of fake COVID-19 vaccines in South Africa.

“The FDA wishes to caution the general public that online advertising, offering for sale and supply of medicinal products including the COVID-19 vaccines are strictly prohibited. Therefore, the public should not purchase any COVID-19 vaccines online”, it said in the statement.