Family of couple who went n@ked on TikTok break silence

A young Ghanaian couple took over social media trends a couple of days ago after sharing half n@ked of themselves on TikTok.

The video that went rife on social media yesterday captures the husband and his wife happily dancing semi-nude inside their living room.

In the video, the happy couple can be seen dancing their hearts out as if they had won the lottery.

While dancing, the husband was also smoking weed and puffing the smoke out like a professional.

The raunchy video and their action have compelled a family member of the man to break silence. The family member speaking with controversial Instagram blogger Adwoatutugyagu revealed the identities of the couple and the reason behind their awkward behavior.

The man was once a young pastor called Dan who began a small church. He married the lady identified as Joyce.

Though the family didn’t agree to the marriage, Dan went on to marry the love of his life in a small ceremony that a few people attended.

They lived in a single room in the man’s family house but things started moving well for them after the marriage.

Pastor Dan bought land and built his own house at Tema Community 5 and started building churches.

Their life suddenly changed and they started following weird principles and lifestyles.

According to the family member, the couple gave birth to two kids but they got malnourished and died under similar circumstances.

The family believes the couple are affected by money rituals but all effort to help them has proven futile.

‘I’m related to Pastor Dan and trust me we’re not having it easy at all. He was a calm,shy type till 2021 . His wife Sister Joyce was also very fine. I mean none of them was born with this behavior( I can’t tell for Joyce because I didn’t grow up with her, and we don’t have too much information about her background or relatives). We were against the marriage because we didn’t know much of her relatives but Dan still insisted on marrying the love of his life. This was around 2012. The marriage ceremony was attended by a few people and they lived in a single room in our family house before Dan eventually acquired a land and built his own house and Church at Tema community 5. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they are behaving like this because of the d3ath of their children, that’s not true. This lifestyle of theirs began way way before they lost their children. They all d!ed in similarly circumstances. When this lifestyle of theirs began, they would sometimes go one week without food, and if they would eat, it wouldn’t be something normal humans take in. They mixed all sort of concoctions and ate it together with their kids. Just like you saw on TikTok, that’s the kind of foods they’ve been eating since 2021. Their children were very very malnourished and I believe that’s what k!lled them. We all believe he didn’t acquire his riches the right way. I can’t tell for a fact but that’s what the family believes. He all of a sudden started making questionable money as an upcoming pastor. Building houses and buying cars etc etc. This has been going on since 2021 and we’ve tried severally to help them but to no avail. They feel they’re doing fine and nothing is wrong with them. They think alike and do everything the same way so it’s hard to convince them. If you go to their house in the name of ‘I want to help you’, they will ch@se you with cutlasses. So it’s not like we’ve abandoned them. We’re still trying to help but it’s been tough. I know where they live in case you would want to help’

Watch the video below;

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