Fake soldierman weeps like a baby

Fake soldierman weeps like a baby after being caught at Burma Camp by some soldiers.

The bravery of some humans needs to be well appreciated but in this new video, this man won’t be appreciated.

According to the video,the man who is a civilian was bragging about being from 1BN Michel Camp, but the soldiers later discovered that he was lying.

This man began to beg and apologise to them, pleading with them to reduce his punishment.

They said, “You think being a soldier is easy?”

Have a look at the video below

Meanwhile, American rapper Tyga remixes Kidi’s touch it, according to a new video.

After having the Ghanaian high life and afropop artiste, Kidi released a remix of his hit song Say cheese which featured American singer and producer, Teddy Riley, the sky is no longer his limit.

He later released the viral touch it and now another American heavyweight wants to hop on it.

The rapper released a video of the song playing with his voice on it.

I can’t tell when the song would be released but I guess it will be very soon.

Have a look at the video below