Residents of a community have arrested a fake madman while picking baby diapers and female pads that have been used and dumped.

The video that is making waves on the internet captured a black polyethylene bag that many used baby pampers and female pads.

Reports have it that the sane man disguised and dressed up like a madman just to pick up the used diapers and pads at the refuse dump to prevent people who knew him from seeing him.

But luck eluded him when a woman who knew him quickly blew alarm and called people who were around to catch him after she revealed that the man is not mad but just faking to pick up the used diapers and female pads.

The yet-to-be-identified fake madman subsequently confessed that he has not lost his senses but he was directed by a ritualist to pick up those items for rituals so he can make him rich.

Watch the video below;