F00lish young ones become old- Black Rasta to Kuffour

F00lish young ones become old,Black Rasta to Kuffour after criticizing Kwame Nkrumah.

Blakk Rasta née Abubakar Ahmed is a Ghanaian reggae musician and a radio presenter of Zylofon FM.

He is one of the very few celebrities who uphold the values of the early Ghanaian founders in high esteem and his recent verbal attack on Kuffour comes as no surprise.

This comes days after former President in an interview with Accra FM revealed that Ghana could’ve been long better if the first President had not built so many factories.

Black Rasta was heard saying

Give credit where credit is due…

Your grandfather was ready to cut his head…

It is annoying,so so annoying.Nkrumah was a visionary ,he lived several years ahead of his age and time.

When people were clamoring for the independence of states he said the independence of Ghana was meaningless…

Have a look at the video below.