Ex-convict advises police to arrest two female tellers over bullion van robbery

Ex-convict advises police to arrest two female tellers over bullion van robbery that occurred in Jamestown last week.

He said the police were to be very suspicious of the two female tellers of Mon-Tran who sat in the vehicle on that day.

On 14th June, Constable Osei was shot to de@th when he was escorting a bullion van together with a bystander during the bullion van robbery.

Photos and videos of the young police man who was k!lled

The bullion van driver also sustained gun wounds and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

During an interview on Kasapa FM, Ghana Kasa” show the ex-convict, Tetteh Teye mentioned that from his experience, the ladies may well be suspects in the case and must not be treated with kid gloves by thoroughly interrogated.

He explained that

“The two women who were in the bullion van must be arrested immediately, I say so because the women could pass on credible information to criminals to strike. Their phones must be seized and scanned to check their chats. If they had chatted with someone and provided the person with information about the movement of the bullion van before it was attacked how can we know?”

“The Police must be on top of its work and deliver. If a criminal is arrested with a gun, the person must be questioned on how he got the weapon. He should be asked where he buys bullets after he runs out of it then we’ll see the number of persons who’ll be involved. If I have five rounds of ammunition and I run out where do I get a replacement. These are issues that the police must take seriously,”

The ladies on the bullion van, both tellers of Mon-Tran, escaped unhurt but were sent to the hospital to be treated for trauma, a police statement said.