Ex-boyfriend of Benedicta Gafah exposes how she k!lled her mother & used juju on him

Kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafah has been exposed by a man she had a romantic relationship with.

In a social media letter written to her by the man, he made some wild allegations against the renowned actress.

According to him, Benedicta has been attacking him on social media just to get his attention but he refused to reply her because she doesn’t worth it.

The man in the lengthy social media post dropped some questions for the actress. He disclosed how Gafah used ‘juju’ to snatch him from his beautiful girlfriend. He also asked the actress how and what k!lled her mother subtly alleging that the actress had hand in the demise of her mother.

Read his full post below;

Benedicta Gafah,

I have warn you so many times to leave me alone but it seem like you don’t want me to have peace. You and I know that I never put my hands on you. You i Intentionally did to get my attention but I decided to go my separate ways. I have some questions to ask you. Remember if it wasn’t juju, I wouldn’t have left my beautiful lady. I became free immediately the juju pot was discovered.

1) why is your brother Chris mentally ill and who cost it?
2) how did your mother die n what killed her?
3) what was the relationship between you n Obinim?
4) what were you doing with That pastor that cost your disorganized face?
5) Why did you take Xandy to the juju man?
6) Why did you planted JUju by my swimming pool?
7) what were you doing with Kolege that made Tony left you at the hotel n never wanted to have anything to so with you?
8, who gave you the Land Rover n how did you loose it.
9) Did you put Juju Medcine in my food the first time we met.
10) is it true that you swing both ways?
11) Was your HIV report edited?
12) why do make Red oil food anytime a guy visit you?

You are always on social media looking for public sympathy. Remember that, I haven’t responded to you because you don’t matter but y are you always talking about me.

More is loading, this time around you got my attention. Remember I have kept mute because I always remember the pass but since you don’t n always want to bring me down. All truth will come out.

Everything I have wrote, I have evidence to prove it. U have up to Saturday evening to apologize to my family n I or else. People will hear my voice n it will come with evidence. You are fake n evil?

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