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A 35-year-old young man has opened up on the awful behavior of his parents.

According to the confused and disturbed young man, he is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of his parents’ company and for the past three years, his parents have been rejecting every woman he has introduced to them. The worst part is that they always chase the woman away from him.

Whenever he asked them why they reject or chase away any woman he brings home to marry, they claim he is not ready for marriage or the woman is not good enough for him.

Narrating his sad story, the young man said he believes his parents want to make him a complete bachelor for life that’s why they always reject any woman he introduces to them.

He added that the parents are extremely controlling to the extent that when he tries to disobey them and follow a lady they do not approve, they hire men to visit the lady, her family and threaten them in order for the lady to stay away from him.

He is an able man who is ready to marry and start a family of his own but his parents are not allowing him to settle down.

Read his full story below;

Every woman I introduce to my parents, they chase her away from me — 35-year-old man cries out