Every Ghanaian is uncivilized including the President – Bullgod

Artiste manager, Bulldog has said that everybody in the country including the First Gentleman of the land is uncivilized.

According to the controversial entertainment pundit, his comment is not meant to disrespect anyone adding that the word ‘uncivilized’ is not an insult.

Bullgod explained civilization as the act of being aware of one’s culture and promoting it, and in this case, Ghanaians are not doing any of that.

This he believes, has contributed to impeding the country’s progress.

“I might sound disrespectful for this comment but the reason why we are not getting help from investors or not being recognized is that we are uncivilized. All of us! From the presidency to the watchman, the whole of Ghana is uncivilized! I am also inclusive. Check the meaning of uncivilized and you will understand what I’m saying. It is not an insult.

“If you are civilized you will push your culture. You will represent yourself everywhere you go. Civilization is being aware of your culture and selling it and we are not. As we speak, there is no proper representation of Ghana anywhere, and it’s sad. Have you wondered why when you fly in planes, they bring you that stupid food? Because the idea is to sell their culture. Everywhere you go in the world, there is a China town, they are selling their culture,” he fumed.

Bullgod, however, thinks that there must be a collective agenda to champion the Ghanaian culture adding that promoting foreign culture in the country is a stupid idea.

“There is a channel in Ghana showing foreign stuff and it is stupid. Because who are you selling to? Do you know why Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s TV channel is blossoming? Because he is doing Ghanaian stuff. We need to push the Ghanaian agenda and anything outside is stupid,” he emphasized.