“Enough of your f00lishness in this country” — Mona Gucci slams Agradaa again

Television show host, Mona Gucci has attacked Nana Agradaa again after the latter claimed that the former begged her for money to pay her rent.

Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Tupac took to social media and revealed that Mona Gucci begged her for money to settle her house rent issues.

According to Nana Agradaa, Mona Gucci begged her to give her a whopping GHC 18,200 to pay her rent, and to buttress her claim, she shared audio of the conversation she had with Mona Gucci.

Nana Agradaa made this revelation after Mona Gucci allowed panelists on her show to criticize her while discussing recent issues concerning her.

Mona Gucci had earlier denied all the allegations leveled against her by Agradaa.

According to Mona Gucci, she is tired of Agradaa spewing lies against her to tarnish her image and has given her 48 hours to provide her evidence.

Mona wrote on Instagram; “PATRICIA…I didn’t wona mind u..cuz of the age difference—but looks like u r fooling too much…Who should apologize—to who? My name is Mona Gucci n I say no one will apologize to u..!! Enough of ur foolishness in this country—Agraada I am giving u 48hrs if u don’t provide evidence of ur claims…u will call ur “Agraada gods..” and I will call mine…u like tarnishing people’s image—with lies..it will end with me… 48hrs bring ur evidence of u paying my rent u will know that the “DEVIL IS BEAUTIFUL”…utter nonsense!!! KARMA isn’t done with u yet— don’t come n use ur broken heart to spew Nonsense…u r not the only mad person in the country…the maddest people are well dressed n speak good English—nonsense again…you r fooling too much— 48hrs ur time is ticking!!! Mtchewwww ??”