#ENDSARS:I have spoken to Buhari, Akufo-Addo tweets

#ENDSARS:I have spoken to Buhari, Akufo-Addo tweets about the matter after being bashed by the citizens.

Just some few minutes ago the commander in chief of the armed force in Ghana made a tweet about the protest ongoing in Nigeria.

The statement comes several hours after citizens mounted pressure on the Ecowas leaders and especially the chairman to make a statement about the matter.

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Ghanaians and other social media users added their voices with a section calling on President Akufo-Addo to comment on the protest going on in Nigeria.

He confirmed to have spoken to President Buhari about the matter and asked for clam.

Check out his tweets below.

He also added.

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ECOWAS in a statement issued today, October 21, 2020, H.E. Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, the President of ECOWAS Commission also urged protestors to protest in a non-violent manner.

“While the ECOWAS Commission recognizes the right of citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and protests, it is also of the view that those rights should be exercised in a non-violent manner.”