Emotional tribute from Wakaso to his bosom friend Christian Atsu

Close friend and teammate of the late Christian Atsu, Mubarak Wakaso has penned down an emotional tribute to his friend.

The final funeral rite of Christian Atsu will be held today, Friday, March 17 at the forecourt of the State House.

The two have been close and good friends for many years.

The pair are inseparable at both the national team camp and during holidays when they are both in Ghana.

There have been several instances the pair had been involved in various social media banter, but the icy hands of de@th snatched away Christian Atsu at the tender age of 31.

In his tribute to Atsu, he wrote ;

It’s so difficult for me to express in words how! You were someone who I trusted in everything am feeling.

Since hearing about the earthquake on 6th February, I had hope that you were still alive. I never believed that this hope would turn into sadness.

You were my everyday guy, my friend, my brother. We played together, we laughed together we ate together.
because in a good or bad situation you was always there for me.

I have been here just looking at our pictures, reading our messages, watching our videos. All have now is the memories in which I will cherish forever.
Rest in perfect peace, Love from your brother Wakaso Mubarak.

Emotional tribute from Wakaso to his bosom friend Christian Atsu

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