‘Emotional’ Funny Face confess buying rat poison to k!ll himself (DETAILS)

The comedian Funny Face recently revealed in an interview that he previously bought rat poison with the goal to commit suicide. This admission is the first time that the self-made children’s organization president has opened up about his experience.

Speaking with 3FM, Funny Face revealed that he had just left the Accra Mental Hospital, where he had sought assistance for his sadness after the deaths of both his father and brother. He recounted that when he learned of his brother’s passing, he felt like he didn’t want to live anymore.

The comic also talked about other challenges he encountered, such as being robbed at home and being left with nothing but a pressing iron. Days later, the death of his father compounded his problems.

Funny Face decided to buy rat poison at this time, but he soon understood that he wasn’t prepared to die. He claimed that after purchasing the poison, he found himself waiting for change, which is when he had his epiphany. He urged anyone who could be in a similar circumstance to never give up and to ask friends or family members they could trust for support.

Funny Face credited his manager with helping him through this difficult time and urged others to trust and speak to people they trust. He added that with focus and determination, people can overcome difficult times and look back at them with laughter.