Election 2020: Shave your beards – IGP tells police personnel

The Inspector General of Police(IGP), Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh has charged all deployed police personnel for the forthcoming general elections to wear no beard on the Election day.

According to IGP, deployed personnel who can keep theirs are those advised medically not keep a close shave. Personnel who are to keep their beards for medical reasons should provide the police administration with “Excused Shaving” document to prove their condition.

Mr Oppong-Boanuh also ordered the Police to wear their traditional Police Uniforms which are in the colours of Blue Black, Black and Police camouflage with the appropriate headgear.

“Given public inquiries on the police uniforms to be used for this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, the Inspector-General of Police Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh has directed that all Police Officers wear the traditional police uniforms which are in the colors of blue-black, black and police camouflage; be it office or operational wear with the appropriate headgear for police duties. Plain clothed officers of the Criminal Investigations and Police Intelligence Departments (CID and PID) will, however, wear their approved overt and covert uniforms with their ID cards readily available for identification.”, he said in a statement

The statement announcing these directives said Police Officers who will be doing other will be engaging in professional misconduct and will be subjected to disciplinary proceedings if found.

Election 2020: Shave your beards – IGP tells police personnel