EL is d£ad and gone – rapper sadly reveals

Ghanaian artiste Elorm Adablah, popularly known as E.L, has declared his comeback to the music scene following a short break. The musician’s sixth BAR series was his last LP offering, which was released over a year ago.

In a self-produced interview released on the artiste’s YouTube channel, E.L addressed his absence from mainstream media and refuted claims that he has stopped creating music. E.L proclaimed, “I can never quit making music. I always say when it’s all said and done when all my contemporaries have done all they want to do in the music industry and want to retire, I will still be making music. Till the wheels fall off”.

E.L states that he considers himself a pure artist and cannot tolerate staleness or boredom. The artist’s range includes rapping and producing, and he revealed that he has outgrown seeking others’ opinions about his work and plans to “always do things in his own time,” fitting his identity as a musician.

Although fans anticipate E.L’s return to his original style of African dance-heavy and hip hop-rich music, the critically acclaimed best African rapper expressed difficulties in relating to his old self, which produced hit tracks such as “Kaalu.”

Despite admitting that such songs are some of his remarkable contributions to Ghanaian music and his seasoned decade-long career, E.L asserted that he hardly recognizes that person and is not interested in that topic. He instead focuses on his current mature self and multifacetedness, cautioning fans not to expect the same E.L as “is dead and gone.”