Eject tenants suspected to be g@ys; make life difficult for them — Yaw Asani to landlords [WATCH]

A former national official of opposition Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr. Yaw Asani Tano has reacted to the legalization of LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

A lot of Ghanaians including religious leaders and some politicians are in support of the LGBTQ+ bill which has been presented before parliament to criminalize the acts of g@y and lesbianism.

Many believe the practice of g@y and lesbianism is an abominable act that is against the customary values in Ghana and should not be tolerated.

Some human rights advocates also claim that being a g@y or lesbian is a right so government must legalize it to enable the people in LGBTQ community engage in their activities without intimidation or panic.

But according to Mr. Yaw Asana, practising g@y or lesbianism is a serious crime that should be ban in the country. He urged landlords to eject tenants they suspect are g@ys or lesbians from their homes.

Mr. Asana speaking on UTV monitored by Adepanews.com suggested that Ghanaians should make life unbearable for persons involved in such an act by not patronizing their services in their various communities. He believes this would help stop them from engaging in this evil act.

Watch the video below;