E-levy: Nana Yaa Brefo cries for being overcharged

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Nana Yaa Brefo has called out government over the deduction of the electronic transaction levy (E-levy).

The E-levy is a 1.5% charge on all electronic transactions, primarily MoMo transactions, aimed to provide infrastructure development and better road networks for the country.

About 15 million Ghanaians are expected to affected by the E-levy.

After the implementation of the E-levy which began Sunday, May 1, 2022, a lot of Ghanaians took to social media to complain about being overcharged.

Nana Yaa Brefo has also cried out after she was overcharged while transferring money using her MoMo wallet. According to her, she sent GH¢2,000 from her bank account to her own mobile money account but was charged ¢38 as E-levy.

Meanwhile, the government had earlier stated that no matter the amount a person sends on mobile money, the first GH¢100 will not be affected by the E-levy and also transfers from one account to another account owned by the same person will be affected by the E-levy.

Watch the video below;