Dubai Porta Potty: Ghanaian Slay Queen confesses to traveling to Dubai to sleep with ‘big men’ and dogs

A beautiful Ghanaian lady has opened up on how she was lured to Dubai by friends for Porta Potty party.

According to the lady identified as Afia Madonna a friend approached her and other friends and told them some Dubai rich men need slay queens to party on a fully paid trip.

Prior to the trip, each girl will receive $10,000 and they will be fully paid after the trip.

Afia said she told her mother that she was traveling to Dubai for a party and she cautioned her to be careful.

She went on to detail how these porta-potty party agents in Ghana work. They don’t tell you what the party is all about until you get to Dubai.

When they got to Dubai, the agent told them they have to comport themselves at the party with these rich men.

They told them these men need them to satisfy their fantasies which include making their dogs chop them as they watch on.

Some of their fantasies include sh**ing in their mouth as they make love and more disgusting things.

Before you enter the party house, they will take your phones and you have to agree that these big men can do anything to you.

The $10,000 is such a percentage of the full payment you will get after the party which will last for days.


Watch the video below;