Drinking alcohol, womanizing doesn’t make a man of God fake — Nigel Gaisie

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has said that drinking alcohol and womanizing does not make a man of God fake.

Speaking in an interview monitored by Adepanews.com, the well-known prophet said when a man or woman of God drinks alcohol it doesn’t make him/her fake. When a man of God womanizes or a woman of God has another boyfriend it doesn’t make him or her fake.

According to him, a man or woman of God can only be considered as fake if he/she does not preaches the word of God or Jesus. The credibility of a prophet should not be in doubt because of his or her unacceptable lifestyle.

He added that every human being has a weakness and a man of God is fake when he changes his covenant with God or doesn’t preach Jesus in his church.

He explained that drinking alcohol is not wrong because David was a drunkard and also a chronic womanizer.

Watch the video below;