Dress well and stop wearing ‘chalewote’ — Bongo Ideas opens fire on Wode Maya

Social media critic, Bongo Ideas has fired some shots at YouTube content creator Wode Maya.

Bongo in a Twitter post descended on Wode Maya over his style of dressing. The self-acclaimed blogger who shares his raw opinion under any post he sees on social media criticized the YouTube content creator for not dressing to match his status.

According to Bongo, Wode Maya has a big brand and it’s about time he  dress to match his brand.

Bongo stated that the wearing of “chalewote” by Wode Maya as part of his brand is so classless and unsuitable.

“It’s about time Wode Maya started dressing to match his status. This unassuming “chalewote” brand is so classless & unsuitable. Dress to be addressed!,” he wrote.