Drama in church as worshippers reject new White priest who believes in same-sex marriage [WATCH]

A video making waves on the internet captures moment members of an Igbo Anglican Church in Irvington, New Jersey, United States protested against a new white bishop for hijacking their church.

In the viral video, the woman who filmed the moment said the priest can not hijack the church adding that Nigerians do not believe in the same thing as him.

She said, “This is happening in Igbo Anglican Church, Irvington, New Jersey. This is an intruder Bishop that came all the way from Colorado to come and hijack our church.

“And a police officer is here from Irvington police. This is what we’ve been facing. No, we don’t believe in the same thing. I don’t care, we don’t believe in the same thing!

“Bishop Ross cannot hijack our church. You cannot hijack our church. This will not happen. It will not happen.”