Drama in church as bride changes her mind to marry on her wedding day

A video making waves on the internet captures shocking moment a bride who was a few minutes away from becoming a legal wife suddenly changed her mind for reasons best known to her

When she and her potential husband were going to exchange vows at the pulpit, she hesitated and indicated her reluctance in joining in holy matrimony with the man.

When the presiding clergyman asked the bride if she would take him as her husband, a popular video on social media captured the moment she replied no. To make sure she was certain of her response, the pastor asked her the same question again.

Someone approached the bride and groom as if to ask questions, but the man signaled the person to stay back. This ushered the wedding guests into a realm of confusion as they wondered what could be wrong.

”What’s happening”, someone probed. At some point wedding, those who interpreted the reality on the ground started walking out of the venue in disappointment and disbelief.